I swear I just read something about Dick Tracy and Apple’s iWatch… Oh, that’s right: I wrote it 10 days ago.

But Nick Bilton of NYT does add quite a bit to the notion, namely sources pointing to the use of curved glass (WSJ follows this up with a largely “us too” article). He also writes:

Mr. Cook is clearly interested in wearables. In the past he has been seen sporting a Nike FuelBand, which tracks a user’s daily exertion. The FuelBand data is shared wirelessly with an iPhone app.

And he has a picture at the top of the post featuring Tim Cook wearing a FuelBand. Oddly not mentioned though is the fact that Cook has a very good reason to be wearing the device: he’s on Nike’s board of directors.

That brings up another interesting question: if and when Apple does move into this space, what would this mean for Cook’s role on Nike’s board? It’s a situation that could play out in a similar way to Eric Schmidt on Apple’s board a few years back.

At first, Schmidt would recuse himself from the parts of meetings where the iPhone was being discussed (once Google’s Android plans were revealed). Then the conflict became too great. And this eventually led to him stepping down (or being pushed) from the board. Maybe Nike doesn’t view the FuelBand as a massive business to be protected right now, but down the road…

The iWatch will kill the smartphone.